Detoxification in Animal Husbandry

The adsorption qualities of Biochar permit a wide range of toxic substances to be bound in the gastrointestinal tract. They also lead to the detoxification of already resorbed toxins.

Storm Water Management

Bioretention swale with Biochar helps in removing heavy metal and other contaminants which are found in polluted rainwater. It is used to filter the surface water runoff from motorways.

Odor Control

Removal of undesirable odor and air purification in chemical industries, inhabited places, food processing and exhaust systems Filtration in HVAC’s odour and gaseous pollution that occurs in establishments and facilities

Poultry Feed Additive

Longer laying period for hens, increase laying rate and egg weight Reduction in the offensive smell of dung Aids in digestion as well as absorbing certain microbes and their toxins …